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These are the committees defined within Oregon Public Purchasing Association. Click the view members link or the committee name to see a list of committee members. If visible for a committee, click the More info to view additional information about the committee. If there are subcommittees, a list of subcommittees will be displayed. Click on the name of the subcommittee to view the members.
Board Members
Chapter Liaison
Committee Goals: Act as a liaison between OPPA and Columbia Chapter Share ideas & news between chapters Assist with joint chapter events
The Communications Committee strives to promote OPPA and professional procurement through the numerous facets of social media. Committee Goals: To create an OPPA presence in each aspect of social media Provide a way to engage current and future members in the many OPPA activities Increase the visibility of OPPA to both public and private entities
Community Involvement
The Community Involvement Committee promotes awareness and involvement in community charity and volunteer opportunities.
The Diversity Committee is looking for new members to assist in its support of OPPA and its Members. The Diversity Committee works with the Program Committee to provide diversity related educational topics and instructors, inclusive of cultural and supplier-related subjects, as well as providing website posts on the varying aspects of diversity in the workplace and sponsoring an annual Diversity Essay Contest.
Responsible for advising and maintaining the Chapter's records retention policy and schedule, as it pertains to the care, control, destruction, retention, and disposition of records.
The Legislative Committee provides information to the OPPA membership about current and pending legislation, and how these may affect our profession.
We maintain the Chapter membership roster and provide information and outreach to new and prospective members.
OPPA endeavors to develop its member’s careers through mentorship, using the transference of knowledge and experience from well versed members, to those seeking to enhance their public procurement skills.
Committee Goals: Research, purchase, sell and distribute branded merchandise at OPPA events, and relevant professional and community event Distribute OPPA merchandise to Committees for use in the accomplishment of their goals Increase Committee membership
The Boilerplate is OPPA's quarterly newsletter where you will find what is up in the realm of Oregon government procurement, read about recent accomplishments of your fellow OPPA members, find articles from the various committees, and hopefully get a laugh or two. Is the Boilerplate missing something? Aren't we all? If there is something you would like to see in the newsletter, please let us know.
NIGP Liaison
Committee Goals: • Act as a liaison between OPPA and NIGP • Share ideas & news between chapter and NIGP
Professional Development
OPPA's Professional Development Committee works to increase the knowledge, proficiency and skill of the membership through outreach and educational opportunities.
Professional Outreach
The Professional Outreach Committee represents OPPA to public entities and both community-based and professional organizations through networking and educational opportunities.
Committee Goals: Provide quality & affordable training opportunities Create an enjoyable, informative, and worthwhile experience.
Reverse Vendor Trade Show
Bringing suppliers and government agencies from throughout the region together.
The Scholarship Committee is here to help you attend trainings, conferences, and the national forum. Let’s get you there! Contact me for more information about upcoming opportunities and eligibility.
OPPA offers several annual sponsorship opportunities all of which provide Sponsors the opportunity to market their industry, products, and gain new contact and connections from OPPA members.
The OPPA Website Committee manages standard format and content on the website. We assist committee members, board members and the general membership with forms, events and membership database. If you have any suggestions, questions, comments or concerns about the website we would love to hear from you.
Young / Developing Professionals
The Young and Developing Professionals Committee exists to help young and developing professionals be more involved with OPPA and NIGP, encourage those members to develop and grow, and inspire future leaders and trainers.


Oregon Public Purchasing Association (OPPA)

The Oregon Public Purchasing Association (OPPA) seeks to benefit the public procurement profession and increase its members' values to their employers through education, networking, outreach and established programs.

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