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Membership Fees


$50 for Regular & Associate Members

$0 for Retired and Transitional Members

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Dues Period


January - December


Remit Dues by February 15


Applications for Membership from any individual other than directly listed above will be forwarded to the Board for consideration on a case-by-case basis. The Board will consider the individuals' affiliation to public procurement in determining suitability for membership.

OPPA Membership

Membership in OPPA is open to individuals employed in public institution procurement professionals, subject to the qualifications listed below.

Membership offers many rewards for the procurement professional. Photo's may be taken of members during events and published by OPPA.

OPPA members enjoy many benefits from participation in the chapter and their affiliation with NIGP:

Networking Opportunities

The single most important benefit in belonging to any professional organization is interaction and networking with your peers. OPPA members come from many different public agencies (state, federal, city, county, education, and special district), and have a broad range of experience and knowledge.

OPPA Newsletters

Our newsletters keep members informed in months between workshops.


OPPA endeavors to develop its members' careers through its Mentoring Program where experienced members offer guidance, support and ideas to those seeking the betterment of public procurement and career advancement.

Professional Development

OPPA offers workshops, meetings and seminars with pertinent work related topics, discussions, and information that is needed by effective purchasing professionals.

Professional Certifications

NIGP chapter members have the opportunity to attend NIGP seminars at reduced costs and to use that training to earn professional certifications including the Certified Professional Public Buyer (CPPB), and the Certified Professional Purchasing Officer (CPPO).

National Affiliation

As a chapter of NIGP - The Institute for Public Procurement, OPPA members may participate in the annual professional development Forum and Product Exposition, training seminars, the NIGP bid specifications library, the NIGP commodity code, Procurement Professional magazine, bulletins, audit consultation, professional certification, and more.


OPPA has established a scholarship program to assist its members in furthering their professional development.

With the challenges faced by public entities with constrained budgets, OPPA recognizes it has become increasingly difficult for these entities to provide funding for professional development and continuing education.

The OPPA Scholarship Program provides scholarships to members who have a desire to further their knowledge and expertise in public procurement through continuing education, are a member in good standing, and have made contributions to OPPA through service to the organization or to public procurement in general.

Learn more about the OPPA Scholarship Program.

Membership Types

Regular Membership:

A regular membership is available to all public agency employees authorized to conduct a procurement, employees of any public agency who supervise or manage the procurement function or who provide public procurement related training. A regular member shall pay annual dues and is eligible to vote and may run for any position on the Board.

Transitional Membership:

A transitional membership is available to members in good standing, who undergo either temporary displacement of their job or the rearrangement of their current duties as a purchasing professional outside the scope of regular membership requirements. The transitional membership shall be a term no longer than six months, which begins at the yearly membership renewal. A transitional member is eligible to vote, and can participate on a committee but is ineligible to run for any office of the Board of Directors. Annual membership fees are waived for transitional members who were in good standing prior to their displacement.


Retired Membership:

A retired membership is available to individuals that were regular members who have retired. Retired members are exempt from dues, are ineligible to run for any position on the Board, but are eligible to serve on any committee and have the same voting rights of a regular member.

Student Membership:

A student membership is available to individuals who are enrolled at least half-time pursuing an undergraduate or graduate curriculum in business administration or procurement applicable areas of study. Applicants must provide proof of education enrollment. Student members are exempt from dues, are ineligible to vote or serve on the Board of Directors or as a Committee Chair, but may volunteer as a participant of any committee.

Associate Membership:

An associate membership is available to all public institution personnel including federal, state, county, municipal and township activities, public school systems, colleges, universities, hospitals, commissions, authorities, and any other political subdivision provided the individual spends most of their time in a procurement-related field. In addition to those positions and entities, individuals are eligible to be considered for an Associate Membership if they are:

  • In a Procurement Equity position
  • A Procurement trainer
  • A Contract Administrator
  • A former public procurement professional who is now self-employed or employed in the private sector in a procurement related role and wishes to maintain OPPA membership affiliation
  • A procurement professional employed by non-publicly funded organizations that follow public procurement practices
  • A contracted procurement professional employed by private sector firms that are specifically contracted by a public entity to perform procurement functions
  • Any other publicly funded procurement professional from other public, tax-supported institutions. Associate members shall pay annual dues and are ineligible to vote or serve on the Board of Directors or as a Committee Chair but may volunteer as a participant of any committee.


Oregon Public Purchasing Association (OPPA)

The Oregon Public Purchasing Association (OPPA) seeks to benefit the public procurement profession and increase its members' values to their employers through education, networking, outreach and established programs.

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